Dream Dress

We’re well into December already so there’s no more “the holidays are coming”. The holidays are here, my friends, in full force. That means it’s time to start making your lists and checking them twice, decking the halls, hanging the stockings by the chimney with care, dreaming of a white christmas, and most importantly – finding the most perfect holiday dress imaginable! With a to-do list that long, we are glad to be here to help out with that last one.

Meet your dream holiday dress. The fit is sophisticated and flirty, the fabric is thick and lush, and that print! Holy crap, that print. It’s a complete show-stopper. With this beauty, you’ll be sure to stand out amongst all of the metallic, sequin, sparkly dresses (which I also love, don’t me wrong)!

Just trust me on this one: you owe it to yourself to come try this on and you’ll fall in love.



xo – Justine



One of the most fascinating things about the evolution of style is that trends and fashions always come back around. Even the worst trends from the past seem to pop back up decades later in an updated and exciting way that makes you want to take part.

I always gravitate toward those pieces that are so spot-on with past trends, which is why I fell in love when I saw this skirt come into the store. It’s so reminiscent of 60’s school girl skirts. Everything about it, from its thicker fabric, to it’s gorgeous texture, and even the gold buckles on the sides of the waist band. I showed my grandma one of the pictures from this post and she said it reminded her of what she used to wear when she was in high school. That’s a really special thing, my friends.

I loved putting a little bit of a casual and edgy spin on this skirt. While it would look beautiful with a dressy blouse – I opted for the casual tee and a leather jacket. I love this look! My puppy sidekick, Nugget liked it too – but she still stole the show.

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xo – Justine


Local Loves Local: Dundee Florist

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and I agree… but, I feel like you can never have too many friends and so I’d say that flowers are also a girl’s best friend. Flowers are the perfect way to say anything you need to say without actually saying it. They’re there when you’re sorry, when you’re sad, when you’re happy, when you’re celebrating and when you’re mourning. They represent love, life, friendship, growth and a fresh start. I mean listen to me, I’m getting all sappy right now just thinking about flowers.

Flowers are there for any occasion, even if it’s just buying yourself a nice bouquet for your bedside table. It’s nice to have a solid place to get them all year ’round and a guarantee that they will be unique and the highest quality at an affordable price. That’s where Dundee Florist comes in! Located in the historic Dundee Business District, on north 50th Street in Omaha – they have been loyally serving Omaha and the surrounding areas with all of their floral needs since 1947!

It’s a friendly, cozy and inviting atmosphere. The flower stylists are there to help you with whatever you need. They let you do your own thing, or they will gladly make an arrangement for you. I personally enjoy pretending like I know what I’m talking about and picking my own flowers to arrange and they never judge me (even when they look ridiculous).

Visit their site by clicking here and learn more about their products and delivery services! If you haven’t used them for your flower needs yet, it’s time to wake up and smell the roses, my friends. Next time you need some flowers – check them out! I promise they’ll grow on you… (I had to.)


xo – Justine


Cool-girl Status

Why is it that looking like you didn’t even try to look nice makes you look so cool? This has been a fashion truth since the beginning of time. I mean don’t get me wrong – a polished, put together look is totally classic and always appreciated, but there’s something about effortless details that just give off a cool vibe.

There was a time not too long ago when the only people who tied things around their waists were dads at the zoo. I’m so glad that’s no longer the case, because this has been one of my favorite off-duty looks over the course of the past year. And don’t even get me started on beanie season. I look forward to it all Spring and Summer. Let’s get real, we’re all on a budget and we’re all busy! Sometimes it’s just not an option to drop $100+ and a
few hours at the salon. Beanie season allows us to let our roots go a little, save money on dry shampoo, and let our dye jobs last a little longer with fewer washes. Can I get an amen?

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xo – Justine


Cozy Cowboy

I’m currently obsessing over blanket scarves. I mean, who doesn’t want to walk around in public cuddled up with a huge scarf, warm as hell but still looking super chic?
The scarves of the season are extra large, allowing you so wear them however you choose! You can wrap them around your neck like a regular scarf, wear them as a cape, drape them over your body and add a belt, tie them and wear them as a vest, drape them over your forearms like a shawl… I could go on and on forever. My personal favorite way to wear them, you ask? Literally, like a blanket. I love having one in my bag at all times and right when I start to get a chill, I just wrap myself up in it.

It’s wonderful.

I’m loving the cozy cowboy vibes of this look. This hat is killer, you guys. I know a lot of you are attached to the classic floppy hat, but don’t be afraid to try a more structured style like this one. It’s rustic, and totally badass. I promise, you’ll get compliments all day.

Shop this look in-store now! And don’t forget: if you live out of town – they ship! Just give them a call!

Photography by Christine Ward


xo – Justine